Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Best News For Science Fiction/Horror Fans Ever!

Before you read my article,
Or click on the link,
Do you recognize this still from one of the very best science fiction/horror movies ever made?
Or no,
Boy do I have some good news for the fans of this genre!

Hey out there, science fiction/horror fans. Want to read an article so fantastic that you might lose sleep in anticipation of what is to come? Here it is. Click on the link above and imagine the possibilities that are about to rain down upon us. WOW!
I really cannot add to what you are going to read here, other than to say the list of accomplishments of the subject of the article are absolutely insane. The memories of the stories he has created are mind numbing...and a must, I mean a true must have list of entertainment to seek out to watch on a dark and scary night.
I as born in 1959. The movie still from up above was released in 1957. This is one of those black and white classics from my youth that scared the piss out of me as  child. And, the depth of the message in this profound movie still chills my bones today!
This is one remake I NEED to be remade... especially, with who is in control of the writing and the production. This might be the way all remakes should be produced.

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