Monday, January 28, 2013

Star Wars On Our Minds

1996 at Taco Bell. 
Boy, did they use to have some fantastic toys for the kids back then. 
My son was 4 years old at that time, 
And we spent a lot of time at Taco Bell that year...
 Oh yea, we did.
Remember these,
Star Wars Fans?
These cool incentives,
And the rest of the set,
Are some of the coolest kid's meal toys ever!
Seek them out...
For, the Force is strong in these toys.


What Hope For "The Following" On Fox TV

Well, the new Fox X-Files type of FBI related horror/terror/suspense mind candy has its second episode tonight. “The Following” has great promise. It could be a hard core program... with great actors in the leads. But, I hate the hero with the heart problem issue caveat. To limit the hero to a secondary action status by having young, strong, obsessed serial killers on the loose -- and Kevin Bacon’s character has to practically chase them down, with a horribly damaged heart -- what the hell?

I hope the show’s writers are up to the task.

The writers of Lost become so full of themselves that they thought they could continue to screw with the minds of their audience without giving any sane answers. We still hate them for their nonsense!

Recently, the show Alcatraz, was cut after one season. That show had great promise. The producers/writers decided to dress one of the hottest young actresses around, Sarah Jones, in men’s clothing… making her look like a butch lesbian. They also cut her hair. I tuned in to the show first because of her, then the premise! And I was completely shock in my disappointment over what they did to her.

So, I’m just saying this… sometimes these producers appear to not think in the long term. There has to be something to keep the fans coming back for more. If you put a hot chick actress in the lead of your television, you had damn well better use her assets!

The Hunger Games -- bleak as can be. Jennifer Lawrence, the hottest young actress on the planet -- looks and acting ability. The movie made her hot, without ever making that aspect of the plot gratuitous. Use the actors like they should be used.

And back to Kevin Bacon’s character’s heart problem. I see big trouble after these next 12 or 13 episodes unless these writers are on their game. They better figure out a way to make Kevin Bacon an integral part of the action, without making us tire of the broken heart conceit!

I’m watching tonight. I’m watching closely…


Friday, January 25, 2013

Early Liam Sharp Vampirella

I never dated this signed copy of Vampirella that Artist Liam Sharp was selling at a signing in Tysons Corner in 1994. He was not drawing and selling original artwork, so I had to be happy with this signed copy of the work. I need to research the exact book this work is from because, as I'm typing this article, I simply cannot remember the exact comic book this picture is from. I'll find out soon enough...
Richard Pollard was also selling 'unnumbered' copies of a Razor drawing. I purchased two of those. I'll post a picture of that great image soon.

The Road To The Justice League Movie

Short and sweet... WOW!
Marvel has done it up with its comic books to movies. Now, its time for DC to move past the solid Superman/Batman wall. John Constantine was a good DC taste a few years ago. Swamp Thing was a good taste back in the day. Green Lantern was a start, but where is The Flash movie. There MUST be a flash movie before Justice League. Wonder Woman should be introduced to the public, too.
If you have never seen The Flash television program from the 1980's, well what are you doing? That was an excellent one season experiment. You will be shocked at the excellent acting, the ahead if its time special effects and the violent content. It was a drama... without camp! You can purchase it on I highly recommend it. If you want to know what The Flash movie should be based on... look no further than this DVD box set!

I can't wait for DC to start pumping out the movies. I only hope they aggressively go after top tier writers and directors. Let us all hope for the best.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Inside The Arjayuniverse

A few words from the Curator of the Arjayuniverse and its World of Words!

Greeting America, from the Worlds of Words throughout the Arjayuniverse. Inside this Arjayuniverse is poetry, horror and fantasy tales, political commentary and even reviews of movies and other stuff... like food, for example. Welcome all... and if you like what you see or read, please show your support to keep the stories coming.

These are the four books published from the Arjayuniverse in 2012. They are all available on the Kindle device and can be ordered in paper form at the addresses found on their blog sites. What better gift to give someone other than the gift of knowledge?

A synopsis of the books are to be found at the blog addresses, along with original examples of the writing for you to sample that is mostly not found in the books. Each book is $9.99 and you can always interact with the Curator any time you please.

Thanks for your support and have a fantastic 2013!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Birth Of The Man Thing Omnibus

The Man-Thing #1

Marvel Comics has released The Man-Thing Omnibus, a $78.00 tome that is is big as a small car. The Man-Thing is the Marvel comic book answer to the DC comic book, the Swamp Thing. Unlike the intelligent Swamp Thing, the Man-Thing is a near mindless hulking creature that is attracted to the emotions of people. The stronger the emotions, the stronger the attraction which draws the creature to the emotion. Bad things happen to people who have outrageous emotions of hatred. And if you have fear in your heart at the sight of The Man-Thing... Then whoever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch.

Imagine  you are an evil dude! This creature appears. You fight it, but you don't have a chance because of its strength and size. So you began to fear it. The creatures reacts to the fear by grabbing hold of you. An incredible reaction begins to happen at its touch... you begin to burn where it grabs you. You cannot escape, and your growing fear causes... your painful expiration in a chemical reaction of burning death at the touch of The Man-Thing!

This series has great art and some very good Steve Gerber stories. But, my God in whatever heaven you believe in... these are some goddamn expensive books.

Actually, reduces the price from the fish bone choking price of $125.00! So, if you can afford it... good for you. You won't be sorry you are reading these horror tales.

Oh and lets not twist the facts here... Man-Thing is no Swamp Thing as far as the stories go! The very long Alan Moore writing assignment on Swamp Thing lifts this book up into the atmosphere with Watchmen, Sandman, Animal Man, John Constantine, Preacher, Bone and The Walking Dead... and a few other top of the line comics. The Swamp Thing story, Anatomy Lesson, is pure Alan Moore genius!

But... The Man-Thing is still a very, very interesting concept!




Saturday, January 5, 2013

Visiting The Arjayuniverse


As a fan of most things horror story related, I follow the horror from here to there. I've been writing horror tales for decades -- frightful tales of vampires, things, monsters, creatures and stories of the most dangerous entities of them all... the dreaded HUMAN.

I published two horror short story collections in 2012. All of my work is available on Kindle and on paper. You can visit me on Google, or go to my horror at to find information on the hundreds of short horror tales I write every year.

I also published two mainstream book collections of my more political short story work. Check me out at One book s expands my Vetting America blog and the other is an exploration of race relations... the good and the bad.

The work I produce every day takes up all of my hours. I write, therefore I exist... to write more horror stories for you, dear reader. I have examples of my writing all over the place. When you enter my Worlds of Words, you will see what I mean.

If you like what you see... a little support will be greatly appreciated. By my books, contact me and I will give you back the love... and the HORROR.


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