Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The New Godzilla Trailer -- Godzilla 2014 Or Just Another Godzilla 1998?

I will not project hatred toward another attempt to bring us a big, big screen Godzilla... but:

Wait a minute, people... doesn't this trailer basically look like a trailer from the Roland Emmerich giant lizard travesty from 1998? There are specific caveats to being Godzilla! Godzilla... in true Japanese glory, never ran around... never jumped around... never swam around the oceans like an oversized Iguana... that is not Godzilla.

Here is Marvel Comic's rather aggressive take on Godzilla.

Godzilla is a lumbering, giant prehistoric reptilian behemoth that was awakened by ill-used radiation... and then tore through the countryside because it is simply a giant beast out of its time in history, and such.

Also, what makes Godzilla “endearing” is the fact that it never appeared to kill humans as a goal. Humans who are unfortunate enough to get in the way of this force of nature of the Atomic Age are collateral damage -- from the point of view of the storytelling.

Basically, Godzilla probably regards a human as just another animal running around underfoot. The Japanese filmmakers never made Godzilla into a giant people eating beast, did they?

To change the appearance of Godzilla... again... is lazy film making. To disregard all that Godzilla history is disrespectful to the creators of the Japanese franchise. To fool the public, of which many of them will plop down their money for the thrill of watching this 3D spectacle, into believing, again, that this is Godzilla -- well, it just seems a little disingenuous to me.

But... I fully support the effort it it does well. I just want... GODZILLA!

Oh, well... I suppose we will soon see what the fuss is all about.


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