Friday, January 18, 2013

Inside The Arjayuniverse

A few words from the Curator of the Arjayuniverse and its World of Words!

Greeting America, from the Worlds of Words throughout the Arjayuniverse. Inside this Arjayuniverse is poetry, horror and fantasy tales, political commentary and even reviews of movies and other stuff... like food, for example. Welcome all... and if you like what you see or read, please show your support to keep the stories coming.

These are the four books published from the Arjayuniverse in 2012. They are all available on the Kindle device and can be ordered in paper form at the addresses found on their blog sites. What better gift to give someone other than the gift of knowledge?

A synopsis of the books are to be found at the blog addresses, along with original examples of the writing for you to sample that is mostly not found in the books. Each book is $9.99 and you can always interact with the Curator any time you please.

Thanks for your support and have a fantastic 2013!


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