Monday, January 28, 2013

What Hope For "The Following" On Fox TV

Well, the new Fox X-Files type of FBI related horror/terror/suspense mind candy has its second episode tonight. “The Following” has great promise. It could be a hard core program... with great actors in the leads. But, I hate the hero with the heart problem issue caveat. To limit the hero to a secondary action status by having young, strong, obsessed serial killers on the loose -- and Kevin Bacon’s character has to practically chase them down, with a horribly damaged heart -- what the hell?

I hope the show’s writers are up to the task.

The writers of Lost become so full of themselves that they thought they could continue to screw with the minds of their audience without giving any sane answers. We still hate them for their nonsense!

Recently, the show Alcatraz, was cut after one season. That show had great promise. The producers/writers decided to dress one of the hottest young actresses around, Sarah Jones, in men’s clothing… making her look like a butch lesbian. They also cut her hair. I tuned in to the show first because of her, then the premise! And I was completely shock in my disappointment over what they did to her.

So, I’m just saying this… sometimes these producers appear to not think in the long term. There has to be something to keep the fans coming back for more. If you put a hot chick actress in the lead of your television, you had damn well better use her assets!

The Hunger Games -- bleak as can be. Jennifer Lawrence, the hottest young actress on the planet -- looks and acting ability. The movie made her hot, without ever making that aspect of the plot gratuitous. Use the actors like they should be used.

And back to Kevin Bacon’s character’s heart problem. I see big trouble after these next 12 or 13 episodes unless these writers are on their game. They better figure out a way to make Kevin Bacon an integral part of the action, without making us tire of the broken heart conceit!

I’m watching tonight. I’m watching closely…


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