Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Birth Of The Man Thing Omnibus

The Man-Thing #1

Marvel Comics has released The Man-Thing Omnibus, a $78.00 tome that is is big as a small car. The Man-Thing is the Marvel comic book answer to the DC comic book, the Swamp Thing. Unlike the intelligent Swamp Thing, the Man-Thing is a near mindless hulking creature that is attracted to the emotions of people. The stronger the emotions, the stronger the attraction which draws the creature to the emotion. Bad things happen to people who have outrageous emotions of hatred. And if you have fear in your heart at the sight of The Man-Thing... Then whoever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch.

Imagine  you are an evil dude! This creature appears. You fight it, but you don't have a chance because of its strength and size. So you began to fear it. The creatures reacts to the fear by grabbing hold of you. An incredible reaction begins to happen at its touch... you begin to burn where it grabs you. You cannot escape, and your growing fear causes... your painful expiration in a chemical reaction of burning death at the touch of The Man-Thing!

This series has great art and some very good Steve Gerber stories. But, my God in whatever heaven you believe in... these are some goddamn expensive books.

Actually, Amazon.com reduces the price from the fish bone choking price of $125.00! So, if you can afford it... good for you. You won't be sorry you are reading these horror tales.

Oh and lets not twist the facts here... Man-Thing is no Swamp Thing as far as the stories go! The very long Alan Moore writing assignment on Swamp Thing lifts this book up into the atmosphere with Watchmen, Sandman, Animal Man, John Constantine, Preacher, Bone and The Walking Dead... and a few other top of the line comics. The Swamp Thing story, Anatomy Lesson, is pure Alan Moore genius!

But... The Man-Thing is still a very, very interesting concept!




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