Saturday, January 5, 2013

Visiting The Arjayuniverse


As a fan of most things horror story related, I follow the horror from here to there. I've been writing horror tales for decades -- frightful tales of vampires, things, monsters, creatures and stories of the most dangerous entities of them all... the dreaded HUMAN.

I published two horror short story collections in 2012. All of my work is available on Kindle and on paper. You can visit me on Google, or go to my horror at to find information on the hundreds of short horror tales I write every year.

I also published two mainstream book collections of my more political short story work. Check me out at One book s expands my Vetting America blog and the other is an exploration of race relations... the good and the bad.

The work I produce every day takes up all of my hours. I write, therefore I exist... to write more horror stories for you, dear reader. I have examples of my writing all over the place. When you enter my Worlds of Words, you will see what I mean.

If you like what you see... a little support will be greatly appreciated. By my books, contact me and I will give you back the love... and the HORROR.


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